The Making Of: Yennefer (The Witcher III: Wild Hunt)

Yennefer holds a very special place in my heart. She was a costume i first made when i found out i would be a Cosplay Guest for the very first time! However, of course i found out a week in advance and decided i needed to make a new cosplay to debut there!

Materials Used:
-Black Brocade (jacket base)
-Black Vinyl (boot covers and strapping)
-Black Faux Fur
-Black and White Striped Ribbon
-Black Braided Cord
-White Braided Cord
-Buckles for Boots
-Black Tights
-White Dress Shirt
-Black Gloves
-Brown Belt
-Black Booties
-Basic Jacket Pattern
-Purple Contacts

The main part of Yennefer’s outfit is her coat. Its essentially where all her interesting outfit parts are. So thats where i started! I used a jacket pattern i had an modified it to work for this particular outfit. Once i had the main shape, i started on the strapping. This stuff was the bane of my existence and took forever to get on there properly. I was so tempted to just glue everything on, but i forced myself to take the time and not cut corners.


After much finger stabbing, and sewing machine jamming, i finally got all the strapping details sewn onto the jacket.

Next up i added the sleeves and then hand sewed the folded ribbons onto the end of the cuffs. I added the loops of braided cord to the bottom edge as well as MANY buttons along the front.

For the fur shrug, i simply cut out a semi circle of the fur (see my tutorial on tips for cutting faux fur) and folded the edges over and quickly sewed them under so that the edges had a nice soft edge. O then just attached the white braided cord and tied a little knot! I just slip this over my head so i dont have to re-tie it every time.

I also dyed my hair black because who wants to wear a wig?!


For the detailing on the tights, i just drew some straight lines on the tights with a ruler and then hand sewed in some stretch cord with nice long stitches to get the details i wanted.

For the boot covers, I duct tape patterned out the shape of my leg and traced that onto the vinyl. This vinyl had some stretch too it, so it was a wonderful fabric to use for this. I then attached all the straps to the sides with their buckles and now i just slip them on before i put on my ankle booties. (see tutorial on Boot Covers for more info)

Once that was done, i did a test fit of everything and it was time to head to the convention!


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