Welcome to the about me section! I will try and answer all the basic things and tell you a little about myself! However if you want to know anything in particular, feel free to shoot me a message on any of my social media, or use the contact form linked to the left! Here it goes!

Name: Yelaina May
Real Job: Admin person at a bank
Dream Job: Cosplay full time!
Where do I live: Calgary, Alberta. Canada.

Growing Up: I lived on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada and it was beautiful! Walking distance to the beach, nice small town safety/vibe. Had friends, had sisters, went to school, all the normal things. I also grew up showing horses competitively. I have had many pets all my life and am a HUGE animal lover.  I miss showing horses more than anything and my boy Rocky, but sadly I can’t afford to have him with me In Calgary. I even was on the team that represented Canada in the  AQHA Youth World cup in 2008!

Now: Well, now i have embraced my inner nerd/geek/crazyness and jumped right into the video game, cosplay and convention scenes. I love RPG games and First Person shooters, but i am slowly expanding my gaming experience. I never even owned a game console until Curtis corrupted me 😉 so I am still learning and having a blast at it! So far, my down fall is jumping… I should really do a video montage of my stupid faces/twitches/etc. while failing at jumping in games. Haha.

In regards to Cosplay: No, i have never done any sewing/costume making before ever. I am completely self taught and I really enjoy learning new materials and creating new things. I have always been creative, and jumped from hobby to hobby. I even made handmade jewelry for a while! Which i may end up selling again in the near future. But we shall see. Anyways, cosplay seems to be the one that stuck! I get to create an amazing verity of things, and the sense of accomplishment, and satisfaction you get when you complete one… oh man. Nothing compares. Nothing.

I will try and add more to this later! But if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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