The Making Of: Serana (Skyrim – Dawnguard DLC)


Serana was actually a character suggested to me by a “fan” named Spencer. He suggested her so much that eventually i gave in and made her. haha. I have not actually played any of the DLC content for Skyrim so I had to ask Spencer all sorts of questions about her while making the outfit.

Materials Used:
-Burgundy Fabric
-Brown Vinyl – heavy weight (corset, belts, arms)
-Brown faux leather – light weight (cloak/skirt)
-Corset Boning
-Leather lacing
-Rivets for lacing
-Studs for details
-Thin Craft Foam Sheets (“armour” details)
-Thick EVA Foam Mat (neck piece)
-Worbla Scraps (belt buckle/broach)
-Old Brown boots
-Brown Wig
-Red Contacts
-Brown Tights
-Corset Pattern
-Tunic/Shirt Pattern

the first thing i worked on for this costume was the corset. I figured it would be the hardest to make, since i had never made anything like that so i just dove in! I find following clothing patterns quite helpful, and then just modifying them to work for your project. Like for this one, i had to add some straps.

Next i made a loose fitting shirt/tunic from some left over burgundy fabric i had. I added a little elastic to the front part to get the nice ruffle she has.


After getting the shirt and corset to a place i was happy with, i stated on the cape/cloak and the belt. The hooded cloak was quite easy, i didnt even use a pattern, just sort of messed around with some squares of fabric until i got what i wanted.

The belt on the other hand, was extremely difficult. I cut out the main shape that i wanted and then folded over a munch of different pieces of vinyl to get the details i needed. Broke many sewing machine needles trying to force it to sew multiple layers of vinyl. (for tips on how to sew vinyl, check out my tutorial!) After getting the details i wanted, i attached the top layer of the belt with the buckle, to hid all the middle parts that were ugly.


Next I made the skirt part she has and then added some rivets/studs to the corset for more detailing and easier lacing.


Now was time to paint and weather! I added some shading as well as some detailing to the belt to make it look much more dimensional and interesting. I also added the “metal” (craft foam) pieces to it with some contact cement, then painted them silver. I would suggest painting them BEFORE attaching them to the belt.. it would be much easier.


Next up was the arms. I made a duct tape a pattern of my forearm and then drew out all the different sections to get the layers i needed. After transferring it to paper, I traced it onto the vinyl and sewed it all together. I added the rivets to it and then laced it up!

These are extremely irritating to put on and take off so if i was to remake them in the future, i would probably add a zipper somewhere and have the lacing just for show.


Finally painted the highlights and shadows onto the main corset to give it that more “video game” vibe. I feel like ti made all the difference.


For the boots, i luckily had an old pair of brown boots that i could just add a few things to. I started by adding the craft foam “armour” to the tips, including studs for details. I also added some flaps to the top to look more like her boots in the game.


After that i painted up the boots and traced out the design for the neck piece on a rectangle of foam. I then used a hand sander (dremmel) to carve out the details.


Lastly i primed and painted the neck piece and made up the broach and it was done!


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