The Making Of: Elise (Assassins Creed: Unity)

I was extremely excited to work on another Assassins Creed cosplay! Their designs are just so intricate and so beautiful I could not wait to start on this. Since this was a commission, I spent a lot of time finding the right fabrics and buttons to get just the right look for Elise.

And as it goes, some things i found weren’t quite perfect so I ended up buying some dye as well to darken/change the colour of the fabrics.

Materials Used:
-Black Faux Brocade (main jacket)
-Blue Striped Linen (under coat)
-Navy Blue Brocade (collar)
-White Linen (sleeves)
-Red satin (sash)
-Black satin (lining)
-Teal Vinyl (front of jacket and arms)
-Black Vinyl – medium weight (trim)
-Brown Vinyl – heavy weight (belt)
-Brown Faux Suede (shoulders, arms and boot covers)
-White Lace (collar puff)
-White Ruffles (wrists)
-Grass buttons (arms, jacket and side of boot covers)
-Brass Belt buckle
-Black Tights
-Brown Ankle Boots
-Basic Jacket Pattern
-Red Wig

So after i ordered all my fabric from and the buttons and buckle from ebay, waited forever for them to arrive, i set about starting with the fabric.

The blue striped fabric i bought was actually striped white and blue, so i dyed that a darker shade of blue to get a two-tone blue stripe. Next was to darken the detailing on the black fabric, as it was way to bright white.

I followed the instructions on the dye packet (from walmart) and dyed the whole portion of fabric. (pictured below)

1 2

After the fabric was dyed and dried, i used my jacket pattern to cut out all the pieces of fabric i needed. Since the front panels and collar was a different fabric, it took some patience to get everything cut out with the proper fabric. Next was sewing it all together!


After I had added the sleeves and all the main jacket parts, i lined the jacket with some soft satin, so it was comfortable to wear and more durable. Also it just looks so pretty!

4 5

Next was adding all the edging to the jacket and sticking the collars up so they puffed out just a little, and attaching the brass buttons.

The jacket closure is just done with velcro, as it was the easiest way to make the jacket clothes and look nice.

6 7

For the arm cuffs, i simply sewed together a tube of the fabrics and then attached the lace cuffs to the bottom. These easily slip on over hte hands, much like gloves, and sit just above the wrist.

I also added the shoulder details at this point, with just a little hand sewing to stick them on.


After that i sewed in the faux under jacket with the blue striped fabric, to give the illusion of wearing multiple layers, without actually wearing them. Because we all know how hot convention centers can be!

Lastly was finishing up the belt and the boot covers and doing one last test fit!


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