The Making Of: Faye (Soulfire)

Faye was a costume originally requested by Aspen Comics/Webble Bodyart as a promotional cosplay that was part of a kickstarter. However, as these things go, nothing came of it. šŸ˜¦ But oh well, this was an exciting costume to make and a brand new challenge for me!

These were the two main photos i worked off to come up with the design for her. I mainly used the second one, but decided to add some of the more interesting details from the first.

b a

I didnt take many/any at all progress photos of the dress making progress, but needless to say, i changed many things on it until i was happy. haha

Materials Used to make Wing:
– 1 spool of 10 gauge wire from Home Depot
– material for back plate (anything you would like, can even be made of more wire)
– wire cutters/pliers
– half a roll of kitchen plastic wrap
– heat gun
– hot glue gun & glue
– acrylic paint
– straps/ribbons/laces

To make the wings, it was really quite simple! And you will notice below I just used some stuff I had laying around. You can make the back plate from whatever works for you, and I am 100% sure there is better options that the CD organizer form my desk. haha. But thats what i had, so thats what i used.

I started by getting the 10 gauge wire from Home Depot and bending it around the flower pot to get the right shape for the first section of the wings. It took a few attempts but i finally got a shape i was happy with. After that I tried to make the exact same shape on the other side. (It is easier to do this when its not attached to the back plate, and then just laying on top of the completed side until the angles/sizes match. After that you can attach it to the back.

1 2 3

And then basically i just continued on from there the same way! Build one section at a time, then match it for the other side. Before you know it, you have wings!

I did the bottom section of the wings the same way, and then also added some reinforcement to the small part of them that touches the top section. That way they wont separate when lifted off the ground.

4 5 6

Now was the fun part! Adding in the “filling”. All i used for this was good old plastic wrap. Just the kind you use in the kitchen to cover food and what not.

Lay a few sheets of it on top of each other in the size of each section of the wings. Then with your heat gun on the LOWEST setting, gently, and carefully, go over the plastic wrap. You dont want to melt it, you just want it to crinkle up a bit. Once you are happy with the texture of the panel, cut it to ft in the section its for. Then simply glue it with some hot glue (careful not to melt the plastic wrap!) onto the wire. Repeat for each section and soon you will have some beautiful, bug like, wings!

7 8 9

I actually love how they looked like this, but thats not Faye’s style. All I did to get the pattern/colour i wanted was to paint the panels with some good old acrylic paint! Lastly, to have it attach to my body, i simply tied some old shoe laces to the top and bottom corners of the back plate, like a back pack, and slipped them on! I suggest you add a strap that ties just under your chest, for more stability.


(Soulfire by Aspen Comics)
Completed: SeptemberĀ 2014

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