The Making Of: Forsworn Version 1 (Skyrim)

Forsworn Forager
Completed: July 2014

Woo! This is for sure one of my favorite cosplays too this day. It is a ton of fun to wear and a crowd favorite!

I decided to make this costume after the success of my Nightingale. I really wanted to choose something that there werent a TON of out there and was still really recognizable. Plus if it was from Skyrim, it could still match the Dragon Priest!

I started out by finding as many reference photos as i could and inspecting the few other forsworn cosplays out there.

Next was finding the faux fur and leather. The fur was hard cause its so damn expensive! But eventually i found the darker two tone brown an the longer hair cream at a little local place. (Fabric Depot – Calgary) then i went looking for faux leather. But, with the risks of ordering online the vinyl i got was AWFUL. So gross and not the right color. I spent $60 on it and  couldnt afford to start over with it so i had to make it work. One day i would love to redo all the leather parts of this in a much more accurate color.

First i started on the undergarments. I took an old bra and covered it in the vinyl. I cut off the straps and made some more fitting to the costume. Technically they dont have any sort of straps in the game… buuuttt i was not comfortable just leaving a flap of fur covering my chest and then walking around at an expo.



Next i made the fur parts of the costume. This was actually the easiest part of the whole thing. Haha. All i did was cut out triangles of the faux fur fabric and then sew them together!

Once i had that all finished I started working on the boots. this in its self was quite a process! I started by getting some old comfy shoes and making the base shape with fabric and craft foam. I put a zipper in the side of the fabric so that i can get the boots on and off easily without ripping them. After that i just glues strips of the ugly vinyl all over it until i got a boot!

After that it was time to add the fur strips! I cut strips of the fur and then glued those on. (notice all the glue, these things are super fragile! haha) Then to finish it off i glued one more strip of the vinyl above each piece of fur so that it had a nice clean edge.


I was quite happy how they looked after that! Other than of course wanting to get more accurate and better looking vinyl. Haha. they still do the trick and i feel sexy in them 😉

Next was the gloves! This is used a very method to making the boots. Base was craft foam with a zipper, then layers of vinyl and faux fur.

After those were done I made all the little spikes and bone pieces that this costume has! I used my Worbla scraps and molded them by hand. I then poked holes in them white it was still hot, so i could sew the onto the costume.



All these little details are what made me love this costume so much! Then all i had left was the necklace! Got some feathers, got some leather lacing and then sewed them all together! I molded the birds scull the same way i did all the other little pieces. Worbla and paint!


Now weapons. (technically i did these first because they are the most fun 😉 )

I decided that i wanted to dual wield some axes. Because that sounded pad ass. Haha. These were the second props i EVER made and are still one of my favorites.

I started by carving everything from your run of the mill styrofoam, then smoothing it out with some sand paper. Next i covered everything in Worbla, the handle included (made from PVC pipe and craft foam) .

I attached it all together with the “sticks” that are part of the weapons. I made these just from Worbla scraps that i rolled into the right size and shape.

After that I started to paint! Primed everything black and started with the color. (I didnt prime to smooth anything, because both rocks and sticks would not be smooth in real life, and cause i am lazy.)


Now it was time to wrap it with some leather lacing. This was the devil and took FOREVER! But they looked so good in the end.


YAY DONE! I absolutely love these things. My favorite weapons to carry around.

So overall i am extremely happy with this costume. I hope to do some updating one day on it, but it will be a co-going costume for quite a while still.

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